Week twenty-four

Learn how to make stickers!

The third and final video in my sticker series, all about ordering professionally printed stickers, is LIVE NOW! Watch all three videos and visit my Sticker Resource page to learn everything you ever wanted to know about making stickers using your Procreate artwork!

I’ll teach you three different methods: printing stickers at home using vinyl sticker paper and cutting them out by hand, making stickers with a Cricut cutting machine, and ordering professionally printed stickers. I’ll teach you everything you need to do to set your art up in Procreate, recommended papers, printing information, places you can order stickers from, and MUCH more! I also go over pros and cons for each method so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

If you want to order your artwork as awesome stickers, I highly recommend StickerApp! I LOVE the stickers I received from them, and they were so easy to order, and affordable too!


June's Theme:


Week 24: Boardwalks & Carnivals

This week’s prompts are inspired by the bright lights, thrilling rides, midway games, delicious junk food, and summer fun of boardwalks, amusement parks, theme parks, and carnivals. Feel free to swap any of these out with your own favorite ride, food, or anything else from your favorite happy place for fun times!


The Prompts

Week 24 | june 7-13

Boardwalks & Carnivals

Mon: cotton candy
Tue: rollercoaster
Wed: hot dog
Thu: ferris wheel
Fri: candy apple
Sat: balloons
Sun: carousel

This piece was drawn using my Gouache Paintbox brush set for Procreate


You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

This Week's Tutorial

Live Tutorial! DATE at TIME PST


The best place to catch the live stream is on the Bardot Brush YouTube Channel. Don’t forget: You can watch or re-watch the previous livestreams on my tutorials page on Bardot Brush!

Do you like cotton candy, or do you think it’s gross? Follow along as I draw this week’s example art – my character Dolores who hates cotton candy. In this tutorial, I teach you about depicting emotions with characters. This video is a part of Character Camp – my series of prompts, guides, and tutorials to help you design and draw your own original characters.


This Month's Progress Tracker

You can always download the current month’s Progress Tracker at bardotbrush.com/progress

(its a .Procreate file, so you can keep track of your progress right in Procreate!)

You’ll find instructions about how to use the Tracker at the link above. I even made you a star stamp brush for you to use! It’s my Procreate version of a gold star sticker.

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