Week Twenty-Two

Impression > Perfection

This month, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about our pasts. Try to channel that energy into your creative process. Here’s what I mean. Think back to what creativity looked like and felt like when you were a child. Think about the freedom you felt, the joy of moving around scraps of paper, making beaded necklaces, painting with your fingers, or building skyscrapers out of popsicles sticks. That feeling is what most of us are after when we choose to pursue a path in creativity as an adult. The easiest way to capture that feeling as you create is by releasing yourself from fears, worry, judgement, and expectations.

What to Do

  • As you sit down to draw this week, try to let go of all expectations about what you “should” be doing. Be loose, make a mess, and only focus on creating an impression of the subject you are trying to draw. Starting the process this way can lead you into a state of creative flow. Remember, you can always keep refining it until you are happy with the result.

May Prompts


May is a long month, which means we get one more week of childhood prompts! The theme this week is “childhood memories”. These prompts are designed to bring you back to moments of your childhood. You can choose one aspect of that memory to draw, like a cake for birthday party, or a tent for camping. But if you’re feeling more ambitious, try to remember something specific about whatever that memory means to you and try to communicate that in your artwork. And don’t forget to share the story that goes along with it!

Week 22 | May 27-June 2

Childhood Memories

Mon: camping
Tue: treehouse
Wed: childhood pet
Thu: waterpark
Fri: birthday party
Sat: lemonade stand
Sun: lost tooth

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

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