Week 22

Beach Vacay

June's Theme: Vacation Mode

Hi Art-Maker! Grab your bathing suit and suitcase because this month we are turning Vacation Mode on! From island get-a-ways to lake-side camping – we’ll be drawing all the good things that summer vacations are made of. Get ready to dive in because our first week’s theme is Beach Vacation.


I created these bathing suits with my Gouache Paintbox brushes.


Week 22: Beach Vacation

Daily Drawing Prompts

May 20 - June 5


bathing suit


beach ball




tropical drink


sun tan


*ice cream*


ferris wheel

You can access each weeks prompts with quick links to reference photos at makingarteverday.com.


*Stars* on either side of a prompt indicate that there is a learning resource available for you. This could be a video tutorial, blog post or social media reel.

You can access each week’s prompts with quick links to reference photos at makingarteverday.com.

Weekly Goal

If you only draw one piece this week,

draw ice cream!

Follow along with me as I show you how to draw an ice cream cone in a painterly style in Procreate. Using only ONE LAYER!


New Tutorial!

This old favorite has been given new life! Watch the replay of my latest live tutorial where you’ll learn how to draw this super cool jellyfish and create an awesome glowing effect.



Artist's Pastels

These brushes are designed for a realistic painting workflow of laying down color, blending, then layering on more color and texture. This set also includes 5 high-resolution pastel papers and a Procreate color palette.


Monthly Project

If you only draw one piece this month, design a greeting card!

We’ve created FREE Print-at-Home Procreate templates for your greeting card making dreams! You’ll get 6 custom Procreate canvases that take the stress out of making cards.


Art-Maker Spotlight

This week’s featured artist is Inge, (@_ingedaniels) Inge says that she’s inspired by anything and almost everything. Her advice for other artists is to not compare yourself to others because it’s really the thief of all joy! “Practice plays a big part in improving skills, so better to have fun on your own journey than compare and feel discouraged.”


Inge drew this using brushes from the Pencil Box brush set.

If you’d like to be a featured MAE artist, be sure to use the #bardotbrush so we can find your artwork!


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