Week twenty-one

Tomorrow is a new day.

Just a friendly reminder that no matter what happened today, the sun will come up again tomorrow. It’s a fresh start. Even if all your goals for today fell through, that does not mean all hope is lost forever. Tomorrow you can clear out all your past disappointments and expectations and choose to simply begin. Every day is a choice and every day presents new chances.

Especially now, as our normal routines have been tossed by the wayside and all the days are starting to run together, its all the more important to treat each day as a new opportunity. And especially now, it’s important to have grace with ourselves when our days don’t go as expected. Tomorrow is a new day.

What to Do

• If you weren’t able to give yourself time for art-making one day, don’t feel bad. Instead, take a look at the reasons why things went the way they did. Decide if there is something you can change tomorrow or if you simply needed a break. All reasons are valid. In order to move forward, the important thing is that you understand yourself, your circumstances, and your actions.

May Prompts


Yo, my bodacious babe, are you, like, ready to make some totally bad art? (I mean “bad” like “good”, duh!) Neon colors, the rise of video games, aerobics-centric fashion, synthesizers, and some seriously excellent movies — the 80s have some righteous source material for inspiration. I’m sure your gonna make some most triumphant pieces of art this week.

Week 21 | May 18-24

the '80s

Mon: boombox
Tue: game
Wed: camera
Thu: jacket
Fri: jewelry
Sat: sneakers
Sun: van

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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