Week Twenty

Always be learning.

I might sound kind of like a high-school guidance counselor here, but what are you doing to further your education? Practicing everyday at something is important, but don’t forget to enrich those efforts with time spent learning! Luckily the interwebs are full of amazing resources.

Skillshare is a great site that has thousands of classes for you to develop all kinds of creative skills. Some of my favorite teachers are Brooke GlaserStephanie Fizer Coleman, and Tom Froese. For a two-month free trial of Skillshare click here. Don’t forget about YouTube, Bardot Brush tutorials (gotta represent), or check with your local Apple store for in-person classes.

What to Do

  • Look into learning resources and take a class or watch a tutorial or two this week! You can seek out classes about drawing specifically, or branch out into classes about other mediums to be influenced and inspired in unexpected ways.
  • Head into the Procreate Community Facebook group to share the classes you’ve found useful with your fellow iPad artists!

May Prompts


The school year is coming to a close in a lot of places of the world. The promise of a leisurely summer is calling, but you just gotta finish those last few weeks! As we delve further into Childhood month, let’s explore some things from our school days.

Week 20 | May 13-19


Mon: crayons
Tue: backpack
Wed: recess
Thu: school bus
Fri: chalkboard
Sat: paper airplane
Sun: your fav school subject

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

Procreate Community: Learn // Draw // Share

We’ve got a Facebook Group full of amazingly supportive artists, from all skill levels.