Week twenty

If you are new to Making Art Everyday, or maybe you just needed to hear this reminder…

The Making Art Everyday challenge is about making an appointment with yourself to practice creativity. Every day. It’s time you’ve set aside to make “making” a priority. It’s about creating a routine and a ritual. It’s overcoming fears and self-doubt and quieting the voice that says “I’m just not creative”. It’s learning that creativity is as human as needing to feel loved. It’s giving yourself the gift of self-expression through art. It’s about stretching yourself. It’s putting in the minutes that lead to hours that lead to days that lead to years that transform you into a skilled artist. It’s about opening doors for yourself to do things you never thought possible.

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What to Do

  • Take some time to get in touch with your “why” — why do you want to spend time drawing? What does creativity mean to you?

May Prompts


Let’s boogie on into the ’70s — The decade of disco and far out fashion. Can you dig it? Have fun this week drawing some ’70s-style objects. Remember, the decade theme is the optional challenge, feel free to interpret the prompt however you wish.

Week 20 | May 11-17

the '70s

Mon: lamp
Tue: record player
Wed: disco ball
Thu: boots
Fri: mug
Sat: roller skates
Sun: chair

You can access each week’s prompts, with links to reference photos, at makingarteveryday.com

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