Week Two

I always like to start the year off with the less-than-glamourous topic of establishing a habit. It may not be as exciting as learning a new art technique, but it is essential to your progress as an artist.

At the beginning of the year, you may have promised yourself, “I’m gonna draw every day!” But life got in the way, and you realized that wasn’t very realistic. This is totally normal!

Do not be discouraged if you don’t keep up with your goals. Adapt your goal to suit your needs! Experiment during this first part of the year to figure out what works for you. As you establish your habit over the next couple months, keep asking yourself the following questions:

  • How often can I devote time to art-making?
  • When is the best time of day to draw?
  • What is the ideal length of my drawing session?
  • Would a simple drawing prompt be better for me or a more extensive project?
  • What is my “WHY”? What are my art-related goals?
  • Where can I go, or what can I do when I need inspiration?
  • Who can I connect with about my art-making habit?

You’ll be able to spend more time drawing if you identify the reasons that keep you on track. After you pass that hurdle, you can concentrate on enjoying creativity and improving your abilities.

Adapt your goals to your life, not the other way around.

MONTH's Theme:


About this month’s theme: I always kick off MAE with food as our first theme of the year! When you’re getting into the habit of drawing, it’s a great way to start. Food is universal and instantly recognizable. Whether you wish to draw something simple or detailed, there is a lot of room to get creative.

Monthly Project:

Make an Illustrated Recipe

It’s our first project of the year! Choose your favorite recipe (I’ll also provide some options!) and create an illustrated recipe. Get the full scoop about it below.

The Daily Prompts

January 10-16

Theme: Meals & Snacks

This week we’ve got an open-ended prompt mixed in with the more simple prompts. For Tuesday’s “breakfast food” you can choose eggs, cereal, pancakes, waffles, or whatever you want! I like to mix in an open-ended prompt every so often as it gives you the opportunity to express yourself. As some of these prompts are meals, try incorporating dishes or utensils into your drawings this week. Another interesting challenge for the “smoothie” prompt would be to also draw the ingredients that go into the smoothie!

Week 2 Prompts

Mon: sandwich
Tues: a breakfast food
Wed: pretzel
Thurs: mac & cheese
Fri: smoothie
Sat: pizza
Sun: sushi

You can access each week’s prompts, with quick links to reference photos at makingarteveryday.com

This piece was drawn using my Gouache Paintbox brush set for Procreate.

Weekly Goal

If you only do one piece this week, try this:

Draw some pizza!

Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza? Pizza is one of my favorite things to doodle, plus you can customize it in so many ways. I’ve got TWO fun pizza tutorials for you to choose from this week: learn how to draw pizza in a pop-art style or learn the ins and outs of drawing neon in Procreate as you craft a glowing piece of pizza! 

More Tutorials

Live Tutorial! Friday, Jan 14 @ 10:30 am PST

Follow along in this live tutorial as I teach you how to draw a delicious donut that looks just like you drew it on paper with alcohol markers. Learn how to select and layer colors, shade, blend, and more. We’ll be using my Awesome Alcohol Markers for Procreate for this tutorial.

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