Remember when you were a kid, and you’d spend hours and hours doing something you were really excited about?

When you were a child, enthusiasm like this might have come to you more easily. With our busy lives, even when we feel the motivation, our schedules might not allow the time to pursue what inspires us. 

This past week I made a tutorial about Animated GIFs (you can check it out at the end of this post) and spent way too long (ahem, the time it took) to make animations for every title screen, visual aid, plus a bunch of pointers and circles. I even took the time to animate a jar of peanut butter ’cause I thought it would be funny. I was in the ZONE working on this tutorial. I never would have predicted it, but tutorial making is soooo my thing. I was willing to spend a week developing and tweaking it AND stay up till 3 am on the last night finishing it. I love teaching and sharing knowledge and illustrating a concept and choosing the best possible language to communicate an idea. It really fills me up.

My hope for you is this project helps you develop a habit and exercise your creative muscles. And hopefully, it inspires that drive inside you to find a thing you’d be willing to sacrifice sleep for because you love it so much.

What to Do

  • When do you feel “in the zone”? What is your ideal situation that allows you to enter that state of creative flow? Is it working in a certain medium? A subject matter? A time of day? Something to think about this week!

May Prompts


This week we enter the month of May and our theme is childhood! Get in touch with your inner child, or channel your own kids if you are a parent. This week we’re drawing toys. You can go classic with these, or think back to when you were little and what your version of these toys looked like. Or take some creative liberties and draw the toys you wish existed.  

Week 18 | April 29-May 5


Mon: doll
Tue: blocks
Wed: tricycle
Thu: rocking horse
Fri: stuffed animal
Sat: robot
Sun: favorite toy from your childhood

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com


I have fallen in LOVE with making animations in Procreate! So much so that I made a tutorial so you can fall in love with them too! Plus I think this week’s prompts would lend themselves so well to animation. Falling blocks! Buzzing robot! Rocking…horse! 

In this tutorial I’ll show you 5 easy methods you can use to start making Procreate animations today, plus you’ll learn a whole bunch of useful tips to help you in your journey into animation.  

Click the image below to watch!

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