Week Sixteen

How do you relax?

This week we’re moving from the kitchen to the living room. I’m reminded of that time after dinner and before bedtime. For many, including myself, this is the time of the day that truly feels like “mine”. I get to plop down on the sofa, hang out with my husband, watch one of our favorite shows, and of course, take out my iPad and draw. 

I’ve been working like crazy the past couple months, so my evenings have been consumed with work and productivity and not so much purely personal, joyful art making. I can really feel that part of me missing. The important thing for me is to identify that feeling and work toward taking time back for myself. I NEED to relax and while my creativity is a part of that, so is simply living. I’m glad to be spending the next several days with my family, sleeping in a tent near the ocean, with a couple sessions of outdoor watercolor painting here and there.

What to Do

  • How are you feeling about the way you’ve been spending your time? Keep your goals in perspective and take time to relax when you need it, in whatever form that looks like for you. 

February Prompts


I implore you to look to your own home as you draw this week’s prompts. Think about the space in which you live and draw your surroundings, your life.

Week 16 | April 15-21


Mon: couch
Tue: television
Wed: bookshelf
Thu: lamp
Fri: fireplace
Sat: coffee table
Sun: armchair

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

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