Crap is a fertilizer.

Since we’re just coming off of drawing stuff from the room where we poop, I thought it only appropriate to bring up this quote I recently heard. Are you just starting out and think you work is, ahem, crap? Yeah, we all feel that way. Anyone who ever got good at anything would look back at their early work and cringe. We all start out making crappy work. But crap is a fertilizer, and fertilizer helps things grow. The work you’re doing now is helping you grow your skills and (excuse the cheesy metaphor) blossom into the artist you will become. So keep at it!

What to Do

  • Unless you literally started drawing today, you probably have a growing body of past work. Go back to the very beginning and find some of your first drawings. Chances are, you’ve come a long way! If you’re feeling brave, share one of your first drawings along with your most recent.

April Prompts


Out of all the rooms in my house, I’m probably the least comfortable in the kitchen. I get a little anxious in grocery stores and I never know what to cook for dinner (unless its box of mac & cheese). My husband is the gifted one when it comes to cooking, so despite my lack of culinary skills, I eat very well. Still, I do love beautiful kitchen design and cute cooking tools. Go figure.

Week 15 | April 8-14


Mon: refrigerator
Tue: dishes
Wed: oven/stove
Thu: knife/cutting board
Fri: baking tools
Sat: pots & pans
Sun: kettle/teapot/coffee maker

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

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