Week Fourteen

We are stronger together.

I just spent the last week at a conference for women entrepreneurs in creative fields called Altitude Summit. Oh man, what a huge impact it can make on you to spend time with “your people”. I’ve never been around so many other people that “get” my life in nearly every aspect of it. As an entrepreneur, as a mother, as an artist, as a business nerd, as a spouse, as a workaholic, as a dreamer, as a creator.

Before going to the conference, I didn’t realize how much I needed to be around people like that. It’s easy to go about your life feeling alone a lot of the time. Especially because having creative skills somehow isolates you from the rest of the population (a topic I plan on writing more about). It’s one of the reasons I started this community, to help connect people with “their people”. I mean, raise your hand if you still get weird looks when talking about “Procreate” with the general public. With people that “get it” we feel less alone. And together we are stronger. Together we feel home.

What to Do

  • This month, I’d like to implement the buddy system. 👯‍♀️ Find a fellow art-maker to be your BMAEFF (Best Making Art Everyday Friend Fo-Eva). Disclaimer: this may require you to leave your comfort zone. Message someone on Instagram using the #makingarteverydayhashtag or in the Facebook Group — we recently hit 5000 members (what a milestone!) so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone. It’d be great to find someone in the same stage of life/career/skill development as you. Check in with each other to see how everything is going with the drawing challenge and beyond. My hope is that each of you can be the other’s motivator, cheerleader, and dependable feedback-giver.

February Prompts


This month’s theme is HOME. As mentioned above, we’re trying to build a home within our art community, and with our prompts we’ll be traveling through the rooms of our homes. Of course you can interpret the prompt however you’d like: draw items from your own home, design something beautiful and dreamy, draw something vintage and nostalgic, a simple object or a scene to go with it. As always, the interpretation is up to you. And because I have a adolescent-level sense of humor, we’ll be starting with the bathroom!

Week 14 | April 1-7


Mon: toothbrush
Tue: bathtub
Wed: shaving
Thu: hair & makeup
Fri: toilet
Sat: first aid
Sun: laundry

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

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