Week 13

Grow Your Style

Hey Art Maker!

It’s our last week of ‘Grow’ Month! This week we’ll focus on finding our own artistic style.


I’ve planned a week of fun prompts to help you explore your personal style – because we all want to make artwork that is unique and special (just like you!)


Week 13: Grow Your Style

Daily Drawing Prompts

March 28 - April 3


past piece do-over


one thing - 2 ways


atypical colors


draw this in your style


coloring page


one brush


time limit

You can access each weeks prompts with quick links to reference photos at makingarteverday.com.

Past Piece Do-Over

Monday's Prompt Example

I decided to do a re-draw of a piece I drew a loooooong ago. The old piece kind of makes me want to cringe, especially the lettering. It’s crazy to see how far my skills have come. Practice makes progress, people!
Also, having better tools can make a big difference! I used default brushes for the original, and brushes from my Texturrific set for the redo. (Scroll to the Featured Brush Set to see the specific brushes I used for this piece.)

Weekly Goal

If you only draw one piece this week,

draw this in your style!

The DTIYS challenge is excellent in helping you find and build the foundations of your style. It highlights elements you like (and don’t like) in other peoples art. Which will help you formulate your own artistic voice and expression.


Texturrific Bundle

These brushes are so satisfying to use, you may question picking up a real pen and paper ever again. Mix, match, and play within the three different sets to create a multitude of unique effects and limitless styles of art.

Monthly Project

If you only draw one piece this month, build a bouquet!

In keeping with the ‘Grow’ theme of March, this month’s project is filled with florals! You will study and practice drawing different types of flowers, then compose them into a beautiful floral arrangement.


Want More Tutorials?

Head over to the prompts page for more tutorials
to help you out with drawing this week!

*Weekly tutorials updated Sunday night PST

Pattern Bug Tutorial

If you weren’t able to join us when we drew pattern-filled bugs in Procreate with my new Imperfect Patterns brush set… no worries! We’ve got the replay for you right here


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