“Feeling proud of myself for doing something that I always felt was strictly for other people.”

I read this sentence in an email from one of you and it nearly made me cry. That feeling is SO universal. There are endless people out there who think they can’t draw (or paint or act or make music) because they’re “just not creative” and it always breaks my heart. We are all born creative. We all, as humans, have that within us. But it can be so easily lost as we grow up. 

Last week I asked for feedback from you and I was blown away with your sweet messages and stories. It was important for my own motivation, but it also helped solidify something we all feel but find difficult to prioritize. Creativity is important to our well-being. There is always room in this world for more creativity, more expression, more ideas, more ways of navigating our humanity. 

What to Do

  • Take a moment to reflect on why you started this commitment. How do your creativity goals fit in with your self-care needs?
  • Just for fun: who doesn’t love getting flowers? Send some of your artwork from this week to someone you care about with a sweet message.

March Prompts


This week we welcome the spring season with the vernal equinox on the 20th. What would be better than this week to draw flowers! It was really hard to narrow down the thousands of options to just a select few, but I hope you enjoy drawing the ones below. I’ve also left some open-ended flower prompts for this weekend. Enjoy! Cannot wait to see your floral artwork!

Week 12 | March 18-24


Mon: tulip
Tue: cosmos
Wed: poppy
Thu: echinacea
Fri: daffodil
Sat: wildflowers
Sun: your favorite flower

If you’d like some more floral inspiration, here are some other great flowers: anemone, ranunculus, dahlia, craspedia, freesia, peony, sunflower, lily of the valley, lavender, daisy, carnation, magnolia, dandelion, and bougainvillea.

You can access each week’s prompts at makingarteveryday.com

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