Week 11

Sketchbook Journaling

Week 11

Hey Art-Maker!

This week we’ve got something extra special for you! Since our theme this month is GROW, we’ll be taking a look at how much you’ve grown as an artist. I’ve designed 7 really cool sketchbook journal pages for you to write, draw, and doodle all over! By the end of the week you’ll totally see how much your drawing skills have improved and how much you’ve grown!

Week 11: Sketchbook Journal Prompts

Daily Drawing Prompts

March 14 - 20


positive art reflections


art manifesto


flower growth map


draw your future


award ribbon


tools for growth


star chart

You can access each weeks prompts with quick links to reference photos at makingarteverday.com.

Weekly Goal

If you only draw one piece this week,

draw draw yourself an award ribbon!

Give yourself an illustrated reward for something you’ve accomplished! It can be for a big goal or a small win.

My NEW Brush Set is Here!

This hefty brush set will allow you to layer strokes and combine patterns to create an infinite number of unique designs and textures to suit any need. Give flat, bland artwork a personal, hand-drawn touch with repeating patterns full of quirky imperfections that complement any artistic style. 

Monthly Project

If you only draw one piece this month, build a bouquet!

In keeping with the ‘Grow’ theme of March, this month’s project is filled with florals! You will study and practice drawing different types of flowers, then compose them into a beautiful floral arrangement.


We're going LIVE!

Join me live as we play with patterns and draw a set of fun bugs! In this Procreate tutorial, you’ll learn to draw bug bodies from simple shapes while experimenting with color. Then the real magic happens as we add an array of patterns and textures to these awesome insects. I’ll be using my new brush set, Imperfect Patterns, so grab ’em before Friday so you can join in the fun!

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