Hey Art Maker!

Hi Art Maker!

Whether you are a proud plant parent or you have trouble keeping greenery alive, this week’s prompts are fit for every botanical enthusiast (because illustrated plants never die!) And since drawing potted plants is so popular, I decided to keep things fresh by picking a few fan-favorites along with some plant species I’ve never drawn before. I hope you enjoy this week’s prompts.

Let’s GROW!



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Daily Drawing Prompts

March 7 - 13


snake plant


lady valentine plant




venus fly trap


fiddle leaf fig


calathea plant

You can access each weeks prompts with quick links to reference photos at makingarteverday.com.

Weekly Goal

If you only draw one piece this week,

draw a calathea plant!

In this real-time tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly color, layer, and add details, plus plenty of other tips along the way.



Something BIG
is coming!

Since you’ve made this far in the email, I’m going to let you in on a little somthin’ somethin’ that I’ve been working on for you guys!😉 I’ve got a VERY exciting announcement (one that I’ve had to painfully keep secret for the past six months.)


But it’s not quuuuite ready yet. I still have a couple finishing touches, only I can’t wait to share all the goodness with you! So enjoy the sneak peek above until the real thing goes live, Thursday March 10th.



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Monthly Project

If you only draw one piece this month, build a bouquet!

In keeping with the ‘Grow’ theme of March, this month’s project is filled with florals! You will study and practice drawing different types of flowers, then compose them into a beautiful floral arrangement.


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