Watercolor in Procreate with Watercolor Wonder

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Learn all about Watercolor Wonder for Procreate and paint a watercolor cactus!

Watercolor Wonder for Procreate – a set of 50 realistic brushes and 5 textured canvases for joyful digital watercolor painting! In this video, I’ll give you a ton of information to get you started using Watercolor Wonder. I’ll explain the different files that come with the download, how to use the canvases, and demonstrate the different brushes and the best ways to use them. I’ll teach you some watercolor techniques and terminology, give you a bunch of tips to help you make authentic-looking digital watercolor, and I’ll even take you through a step-by-step follow-along tutorial where you’ll get to paint your first digital watercolor piece – how to draw a beautiful watercolor cactus!

Brushes Used for Cactus Tutorial

Brushes in this tutorial are from my Watercolor Wonder brush pack.
  • Cactus Shapes: Hard Edge Round from Core set
  • Shadows: Glaze – Hard Edge Round from Glazes set
  • Extra texture and color: Glaze – Blooming Wash from Glazes set
  • Flowers, Spines: Glaze – Dry Liner from Glazes set

Watercolor Wonder is a set of 50 realistic Procreate brushes and 5 textured canvases for digital watercolor painting! Experience the joy of watercolor painting, coupled with the ease and efficiency of digital art. Be free from that fear of ruining expensive watercolor paper or wasting precious paint. These brushes are really the best of both the digital and analog art worlds.

Artwork made using this Tutorial

JJ DEYERLE at 7:27 pm

Where is the tut for the cactus to learn about the watercolor brushes?
The link takes you to purchase the brushes only.
Please help.

Jen Chueh at 6:29 pm

It’s the embedded video, right above “Learn all about Watercolor Wonder…”
The cactus tutorial is at the end of the video.

Marion Farley at 10:20 pm

I missed out downloading the User guide. How can Iget it. Ihavedownloaded the brUshes and papers.

Lisa Bardot at 10:55 am

Simply login to your account. Go to the account button on the menu bar, login and download your guide! Hope you love the brushes.

Thora Reynolds at 6:02 pm

I keep ending up on this page when I click on watch the tutorial. I already own the brush set. It’s frustrating.

Lisa Bardot at 10:22 am

Hi Thora, Where are you clicking? At the top there is an image with a play button. Click it and the video plays.

Lee Sharon at 6:24 am

When I use ‘watercolor eraser’, it turns into black brush with thin red outline, it can’t work proper eraser function. What can I do to solve the problem?

Lisa Bardot at 4:06 pm

Make sure to choose the eraser first then select this brush. It only works with the eraser tool.

Sara Howard at 3:07 pm

Hey I’m unable to open the zip with this brush set. Help!


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