Recommended Skillshare Classes for Procreate

Skillshare is an amazing platform filled to the brim with valuable classes for creative people seeking to learn. Below is a list of classes recommended by Procreate Community members that are great for artists working in Procreate. You’ll find classes about learning to draw, Procreate basics, animation, and more. I hope this list helps you find the best Skillshare classes for Procreate that suit your needs.

Use handy the filters and search options below or tap each column heading to sort. Contribute to this list! You can add a class you’ve taken and loved by adding it to list. Look for the “Add a Class” button at the bottom of the page.

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Name of ClassTeacherSkill/FocusDuration
Intro to Watercolor Lettering in ProcreateTeela Cunningham ProcreateMade for ProcreateLettering59m.Procreate Basics
Winter Illustrations in Procreate + 27 Brushes and StampsLiz Kohler Brown, artist | designer | teacher Illustrations for ProcreateMade for ProcreateLettering1h 52m.Procreate Basics
From Fear to Freelance: Transform A Photo With Digital DoodlingJena Holliday Using Procreate Tools / Getting used to using the AppMade for ProcreateMultiple/MiscProcreate Basics
Creating Digital Watercolor Paintings in ProcreateJena Holliday in ProcreateMade for ProcreateMultiple/MiscProcreate Basics
Create Mockups in ProcreateDisha Sharma designMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc
Seamless Repeat Patterns in Procreate (no other tool needed)Disha Markandey and designMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc27 minLettering & Design
Oodles of Doodles: Create Endless Doodles with 6 Basic ShapesCristin April Frey; Drawing; Patterns; Abstract Art; CreativityTranslates to ProcreateMultiple/Misc29 minsLearn to Draw
Digitize Your Art in ProcreateDisha Markandey Design, IllustrationMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc60m
You Can Draw Cute People the Easy Way!Yasmina Creates simple tips for how to draw "cute" people and characters.Translates to ProcreatePeople/Characters23mLearn to Draw, Exploring Style
Make a Living as an Artist: Strategies for Crafting Your Creative BusinessBrooke Glaser and comprehensive guide to making money as an artist.Translates to ProcreateMultiple/Misc113m
Graphic Illustration: Boldly Design with Color and ShapeOlimpia Zagnoli how to create bold graphic illustrations that utilize color in unexpected ways.Translates to ProcreatePeople/Characters85mExploring Style, Learn to Draw
Illustration in Action: Creating Stylized PortraitsAndrea Pippins unique and stylized illustrated portraitsTranslates to ProcreatePeople/Characters83mExploring Style, Learn to Draw
How to Paint Watercolor Florals on Your iPadLiz Kohler Brown to paint watercolor florals in ProcreateMade for ProcreatePlants/Nature41mDigital Painting
CREATE EVERY DAY! Design a Daily Creative Practice that Works for YOUTzaddi Gordon to design a daily creative practiceTranslates to ProcreateMultiple/Misc13m
Making Digital Prints for ArtistsEvan Neidich to set up digital files for printTranslates to ProcreateMultiple/Misc52mArt & Business
Procreate for BeginnersTeela Cunningham for beginners course. Learn how to get started with Procreate.Made for ProcreateMultiple/Misc157mProcreate Basics
Texturing Illustrations in ProcreateJamie Bartlett your own texture brushes and adding texture to illustrations.Made for ProcreateMultiple/Misc36mAdvanced Procreate, Procreate Basics, Digital Painting
Learn How to Draw: Exercises & Techniques for Creating Traditional and Digital ArtBrooke Glaser basics of learning how to draw: line work, shading, composition, etc.Made for ProcreateMultiple/Misc75mProcreate Basics, Learn to Draw
Digital Illustration: Learn to Use ProcreateJarom Vogel for beginners, intro to basic tools and featuresMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc67mProcreate Basics
Procreate and Real Watercolors: Combining Hand Painting with DigitalBrooke Glaser to edit and embellish watercolor paintings with ProcreateMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc66mLettering & Design, Digital Painting, Procreate Basics
Intro to Procreate: Illustrating on the iPad ProBrooke Glaser to Procreate basics with an emphasis on illustrationMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc59mLearn to Draw, Procreate Basics
Animation for Illustration: Adding Movement with Procreate & PhotoshopLibby VanderPloeg an animation using Procreate and PhotoshopMade for ProcreatePeople/Characters51mProcreate Basics, Advanced Procreate, Animation
Animated IllustrationsJamie Bartlett an everyday object then bring it to life through animation in PhotoshopTranslates to ProcreateMultiple/Misc45mAnimation
iPad Art: Create a Monster - An Introduction to ProcreateNic Squirrell the simple steps in the class to design and paint a cute or quirky monster character in your own style using Procreate on your iPad.Made for ProcreatePeople/Characters27mProcreate Basics, Learn to Draw
Create Seamless Repeat Patterns on Your iPad in Procreate + FREE Pattern ElementsLiz Kohler Brown to create seamless repeat patternsMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc66mLettering & Design
Lasso Tool Magic: Floral Explorations in PhotoshopStephanie Fizer Coleman to use the lasso tool to create textured floral designsTranslates to ProcreatePlants/Nature109mProcreate Basics, Advanced Procreate, Lettering & Design
Layering Color and Texture in ProcreateStephanie Fizer Coleman to create rich, textured effects in ProcreateMade for ProcreatePlants/Nature85mAdvanced Procreate
Drawing Delightful Animals in PhotoshopStephanie Fizer Coleman textured and cute animalsTranslates to ProcreateAnimals85mLearn to Draw
Draw Your Life: Intro to Illustrated JournalingMimi Chao JournalingMade for ProcreateMultiple/Misc35mLettering & Design
Cartooning: Drawing Bodies and PosesIra Marcks Bodies and PosesTranslates to ProcreatePeople/Characters51mLearn to Draw
Cartooning: Drawing Faces and ExpressionsIra Marcks Faces and ExpressionsTranslates to ProcreatePeople/Characters23mLearn to Draw
Happy, Angry, Awed: Drawing Faces for WebcomicsShen ! Faces and ExpressionsTranslates to ProcreatePeople/Characters15mLearn to Draw
Chasing Mary Blair’s WorkAmarilys Henderson Techniques/StyleTranslates to ProcreateMultiple/Misc53mExploring Style
Isometric Design for BeginnersHayden Aube Design, Helped to understand 3d formTranslates to ProcreateInanimate Objects23mLearn to Draw
Drawing as Self DiscoveryMari Andrew your life therapeuticallyTranslates to ProcreateMultiple/Misc40m
Odd BodiesTom Froese, Stylizing PeopleTranslates to ProcreatePeople/Characters144mLearn to Draw, Exploring Style

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