Realistic Paper Cut Effect in Procreate

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Make Realistic Paper Cut Illustrations in Procreate with my new Skillshare class!

If you love drawing on your iPad and also adore the tactile look and feel of crafting with scissors and paper, my new Skillshare class is for you! Learn how to cut digital shapes out of real paper, create lighting effects and manipulate shadows to create folds, bends, and curves in my new, in-depth class about making paper cut art in Procreate!

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Students of this class get FREE access to my Paper Cut Paper Pack: 14 high-resolution paper scans optimized for making realistic digital paper cut art. 

In this class, we’ll cover:

  • The qualities of paper cut art
  • How to digitally cut shapes from real paper
  • An easy way to colorize your paper
  • Creating realistic lighting effects
  • Manipulate shadows to make your paper bend & fold
  • Plus plenty of helpful Procreate tips along the way!

Breathe new life into your existing illustrations with this digital paper cut technique.

I will be explaining every step along the way so you can learn, no matter your current skill level. This class is perfect for beginners and advanced artists who want to invigorate their work with a hand-made look and feel. 

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Artwork made in this Class

Korrie Schenkel at 11:42 am

This class has given me so much joy! Not just the actual class, but the way you’ve made all the video’s … wow … a new benchmark for any and every skillshare class. This needed to be set, I’m off now to make more paper cut art!

Frank Griffen at 12:17 pm

I really enjoyed the class. I watched and rewatched the class and completed two projects. Thank you very much.

Georgina Sarmiento at 4:17 am

I’m here from Skillshare,I’m interested in The Paper Cut pack but I don’t find it,it says it for free

Lisa Bardot at 10:59 pm

Make sure to follow the link on the Skillsahre page to get the download!


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