Procreate for Beginners: The Ultimate Introduction to Procreate

in Procreate Tutorial on December 25, 2020

Procreate for Beginners

The Ultimate Introduction to Procreate

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This FREE Procreate class has everything you need to know about how to use Procreate. In this comprehensive class, I’ll cover everything that new users need to know: brushes and other essential tools, gestures, layers, masks, working with color, even Procreate animation, the best file formats for sharing your artwork, and organizing your files. This Procreate tutorial is perfect for people that have no experience with Procreate, but even skilled users will pick up some useful Procreate tips and tricks.

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No code needed, discount applied automagically at checkout.

Jane Whisler at 3:41 pm

So well made, thanks! I learned a few useful things and will refer anyone starting out to check this out.
Here’s to a Happy New Year, you’ve made this last one much more tolerable!

Demetrius Saulsberry at 12:21 pm

Again Lisa, you are a really good teacher! Simple and easy to follow. Learning much from you.

Ariel at 7:47 am

Loved this video! I have always used photoshop for drawing but was considering switching to Procreate. This video has me 100% sold! So much faster and more intuitively built for artists than photoshop. Can’t wait to get it now!

Heather Morris at 11:24 am

I just watched my 1st tutorial on Procreate for beginners. I got so excited when you reviewed animation! I can’t wait to make more animations. Thanks!!!

JanisRB at 6:30 pm

Brand new artist. No experience at all. I am working through your tutorials! Bought the brushes to support your efforts. Thanks for making this doable

Joanne horneman at 9:13 am

So happy to find these tutorials, looking forward to learning a lot using procreate

Jackie Quintana at 3:24 pm

Just got an iPad Air for my birthday and immediately purchased Procreate. Had no idea how to use it, however I stumbled across your tutorials and I have to tell you that you are the absolute best instructor for Procreate. I’m so glad that I found you before spending anymore time watching other instructors. You explain in clear terms the various things that can be done with the program. Thank you so much.

Sandy Wild at 11:29 pm

I love your videos! Thank you so much!

Giang Bùi Linh at 9:04 am

Hi there,
I found what you share are very useful and interesting.
I would like to purchase some of your products but cannot login since I have not had an account but I found no way to register one.

Lisa Bardot at 2:05 pm

Happy to help. You create the account on checkout. Just add some brushes free or paid to your cart!
Bardot Brush!

Dan at 10:39 am

Thought your videos were just for kids because of the artwork you use, but I thought wrong! Learned so much from you. Thank you for the excellent videos.

Jaimee at 2:31 pm

Hiya, just got my first iPad Pro and pencil a few hours ago. Bought Procreate. Searched and found your tutorial for beginners. Just finished it including practicing. Thank you so much for teaching the basics! It was really clearly explained and I loved the happy colors too 😀 Will checkout your other tutorials as well in the coming week(s)! Thanks again!

Lisa Bardot at 1:27 pm

Thank you and Happy Art Making!

DIetrich Adonis at 2:56 am

This is a GREAT video!! I use this with my after school ART CLUB! The various segments are easy to grasp and the students learn a lot!!

Brooke Dickey at 4:50 pm

I love watching these tutorials and using the brushes. People ask me all the time how I am so good at drawing on procreate and I show them your tutorials and they are blown away! Love love love this!!!

Alise at 10:56 am

I am so excited to have found this site! I am very new to digital art, and all the information here is exactly what I was hoping to learn and do. Thank you,


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