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Have you ever wondered how to use perspective in drawing? How do you convey a sense of depth and space in your art? In this Procreate tutorial, I’ll teach the difference between one and two point perspective and when to use each one. I’ll show you the effects of manipulating your vanishing points and how to draw an interior scene using Procreate’s perspective drawing guide feature.

FREE Procreate Perspective Worksheet

Learn the difference between one and two point perspective, and when to use each one to convey a sense of depth and space. Learn how to use Procreate’s built-in drawing guides to make a perspective drawing. This worksheet is a .Procreate file to use as you follow along in my Procreate Perspective Tutorial.

How to draw in one point perspective

How to draw in two point perspective

Interior Scene drawn using Perspective Guide

Perspective sketch drawn with Procreate's Perspective Drawing Guide
Final sketch drawn by hand using perspective sketch as a guide
Want to learn more about drawing scenes?

It's time to go to...

Scene School is a FREE series design to help you learn how to draw scenes, and discover your style, one piece at a time.Raise your hand if you are guilty of leaving white backgrounds on all your drawings! Do you feel overwhelmed by putting together a scene? Do you want to tell more of a story in your illustrations? Scene School is here to help!

This series was created in conjunction with the Making Art Everyday challenge. Each day for four weeks, we’ll have a different prompt to get you learning how to scenes characters. In this series we’ll be drawing a nature scene, a rural scene, an interior scene, and an urban scene.

Brushes Used in This Tutorial

Joyce uczen at 1:28 pm

I am interested in one and two point perspective and finding depth in art. Also interested in Scene School.

Philippa Bundey at 12:52 pm

I cant download the free perspective file. I have an IPad Pro 2020 and have the latest update and have subscribed to your

Lisa Bardot at 2:06 pm

Make sure you sign into your account first at and then you should be able to.

Terry at 12:41 pm

I’m signed in and also can’t download the file. I have the latest iPad update and procreate 5

Joanna at 5:45 am

Will you be creating a set of watercolour brushes in the future

Lisa Bardot at 1:17 pm

I have a lot of fun things coming for 2021!

Gayle Nightingale at 8:44 am

Exciting lesson! I can’t wait to make a scene.

Kizzy Franklyn at 4:11 pm

Hi I just got off your channel on YouTube and I love love how you draw, I do paper to pen sketches but I want to move to digital now can you advise me what digital drawing device to get for someone who is now starting off? I do interior design sketches. And what programme you use to draw? Please help!

Eleanor at 6:38 am

She uses procreate, iPad Pro, and gen 2 Apple Pencil.

Sierrah Armstrong at 6:56 am

I just got an iPad and I installed procreate because I want to learn more about art and I came across your channel on YouTube. I came here to download the perspective worksheet and it’s telling me I have it but when I try to start the download or even just look at it, it won’t open! I’m logged in to my account as well so I don’t know what the problem is.

Kirsty Pentecost at 3:09 pm

I keep clicking on the button to get the free perspective sheet. And I’ve logged in. It’s not downloading or doing anything to be honest. Please help. I’m on my iPad mini 6 2021. Thanks.

John Olivo at 2:45 pm

Thank you very much for the fur brushes. I simply tried a mustache, hair and eyebrows on a face I was working on and you must have saved me countless hours making that look as real as it does. I can see me working on animals a whole new way now. Thank You again
John O
Oh, and they’re free. Love that too

cynthia at 5:02 am

Trying to download the persepective worksheet. It doesn’t download.

Lisa Bardot at 9:19 pm

Do you get an error? Are you signed into your account?


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