Paint a Watercolor Pickle in Procreate

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Learn about digital watercolor in Procreate while painting a pickle!

Feeling like you might have gotten yourself into a pickle trying to learn digital watercolor?! No problem! I’ve got the perfect tutorial that won’t leave you feeling sour! Follow along as I teach you how to paint this cute pickle in Procreate! During this simple Procreate tutorial, I’ll teach you a quick and easy way to create a wet-on-wet authentic watercolor painting using my Watercolor Wonder brush set. I’ll guide you through adding shading, highlights, and a drop shadow. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a perfect little painted pickle!

Brushes Used

  • Brushes in this tutorial are from my Watercolor Wonder brush pack.
    • Pickle shape: Hard Edge Round from Core set
    • Base shading, bumps: Glaze – Hard Edge Round from Glazes set
    • Pickle stripes: Glaze – Wet on Wet Liner from Glazes set
    • Pickle shading: Glaze – Blooming Wash from Glazes set
    •  Highlights: White Gel Pen from Tools set
    • Drop Shadow: Super Soft Wash from Glazes set

Watercolor Wonder is a set of 50 realistic Procreate brushes and 5 textured canvases for digital watercolor painting! Experience the joy of watercolor painting, coupled with the ease and efficiency of digital art. Be free from that fear of ruining expensive watercolor paper or wasting precious paint. These brushes are really the best of both the digital and analog art worlds.

Artwork made using this Tutorial

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