New year, New Mae!

 A new decade is days away. Are you ready to become your most creative self?

For the new year, I decided to add a NEW ingredient to the Making Art Everyday prompts, something special to stimulate your creativity! In 2019 we drew a lot of “things.” A piece of fruit. An animal. A house plant. A building. In 2020, we’ll be drawing things…”PLUS.”

What is the “plus?”

It’s an extra element of the prompt designed to encourage creative thinking that will take your drawings and illustrations to the next level. The “plus” could be the addition of a story-telling aspect. Or combining two seemingly unrelated things. Or turning an object into a character. The “plus” could be a restriction like a limited color palette, only using one brush, or a time limit. 

Get ready for some fun themes…

Each month of the year will have a theme. Sometimes the theme will have to do with the subject matter we’ll be drawing (such as “Outer Space”), and sometimes it will be centered around whatever the “plus” element is (such as “Art Styles”).

Choose your own adventure!

How you approach the prompts in 2020 is up to you: You can choose to draw only the literal prompt, or if you want to push yourself creatively, you can incorporate the “plus” into your drawing. Customize to fit your skill level, or the amount of energy you have to make art that day.

I’ve got an enormous list of ideas for 2020, and I am so excited for what this year has to hold for Making Art Everyday! I think it’s going to be such a fun year!


Let’s ease into this…

And if this sounds a little overwhelming, worry not. For most of January, we’ll start with simple, straightforward prompts. January is all about establishing the habit, so we don’t want to worry about having to be super creative. 

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2019 Prompts Archive!

If you want to start from the beginning, or somewhere in the middle of the 2019 MAE prompts, I built an all-new webpage with every single prompt*, links to the reference photos, AND relevant tutorials. Check it out!

*I’m still working to get the page finished, so bear with me while it gets updated!

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