Marker Lettering with Palettes // Procreate Tutorial

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Brushes used in this video

Learn about crafting a color palette from a piece of inspiration, and other fun tips like quick eraser selection, layer masks, quickline, precise sliders, and more! This video uses the Multi-Tonal Markers, a set of 28 brushes for Procreate. Create brilliant color effects, authentic-looking marker drawings, creative lettering pieces, unique illustrations and more. The brushes were built to be the perfect emulation of real markers, from the texture, to the way they darken with layering and pressure. Watch to the end for an illustration demonstration and tutorial!

Nicole Rodriguez at 8:27 am

Hi Lisa,
I’m a newbie to Procreate and am so in love with your brushes and tutorials, so thank you! One issue where I’m completely stuck On this tutorial is at the end where you “edit the layer mask” to connect the shadow corners to the text. How are you adding those corners bits? I can’t figure out how to add to the shadow once the layer mask is created and I’ve watched the video in slow-mo to see what you select when you go back to the layer mask after moving the “winner winner” text layer above the drop shadow.
Thanks in advance, Nicole

Lisa Bardot at 4:19 pm

I see what you mean! The video does not show that step. Go into your layers panel and select the “Layer Mask” layer. It’s the one that is the black and white “Winner Winner.” Then use the color white to paint in the areas that connect the shadow to the text. I hope that clears it up! I would also check out my Masks tutorials to learn more about using layer masks:


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