Monthly Project: May

Make a Greeting Card

Project Overview

Our fifth Making Art Everyday Monthly Project combines illustration and lettering! Making your own greeting card is a really fun way to use your art in the real world. They also make excellent gifts! People love receiving something that’s personal, custom and handmade.

You can make single cards for a special occasion, or you can mass produce your cards and sell them online. Whatever you choose to do, creating art for greeting cards is a really satisfying experience!

For step-by-step instructions, including Procreate design and print-at-home templates, checkout our Greeting Card Resource Page.

Let’s Break it Down

1. Figure out what kind of card you want to make.

What are you making a card for? Mother’s Day? A friends birthday? A Get Well Soon card? Once you know what kind of card you’re making, you can start thinking of ideas for what you want to draw and say with your card. 

Another thing to consider is what size of greeting card you’d like to make.

2. Get Inspired

If you’re not sure what kind of card you’d like to draw, we’ve created a Pinterest board full birthday, holiday and miscellaneous greeting cards for you to gather some ideas from.

3. Draw your art.

We’ve created some Procreate canvas templates that are perfect for card making. You can download them here. We’ve also created a great resource for you that talks about printing your greeting card. It covers printing at home, as well as how to prep your files for professional printing.

This ice cream cone art was drawn with various brushes from my Multi-tonal Marker set.

4. Create the backside of your card.

You can have your art from the front carry over to the back, or you can use the back to put your logo, name of a little message.

5. Prep your files for print.

In the industry we call this “pre-press file set up.” If you’re printing your greeting card at home, then pop your front and back art into our Print-at-Home template. If you’re printing online you’ll upload your files at the printer’s website.

5. Pick out an envelope.

It’s really fun to pick out an envelope color that compliments your greeting card. Check out our greeting card resource page for online affordable envelope stores. 

Participation is free! Join thousands of participants worldwide who are making art right alongside you. 

MAE Monthly Project

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