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Kelle Boyd

From dad’s tie, to spring flowers, ice cream, and even that second-grade sweater, Kelle Boyd’s happy and colorful artwork is inspired by the familiarity of childhood.

At nine years old, Kelle’s backpack was filled with sketches of children’s clothing and wedding dresses. “Fast forward a decade later,” she says, she had “long since traded her colored pencils in for public policy.” Her professional experiences took her from babysitting, youth summer counselor, department store clerk, social worker, implementing youth initiatives for the city, and finally to a rewarding yet stressful career in public policy working for the mayor of Nashville.

One day, she went into a local craft store to purchase art supplies in hopes of relieving a little stress. “My childhood dream was rekindled!” Kelle shares. Two years later, she took a “step of faith,” as she likes to call it, and launched Ann Kelle Design. Kelle caught the attention of the art and design industry only a week following her debut. Next thing she knew, she was presenting her designs to Target. It is now fifteen years later and her artwork has been on the shelves of boutiques and stores across the world, including Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and QVC. She also has an online shop and continues to license her artwork in stationary, fabric, and more.

Kelle admits she doesn’t have any formal training in art and will be the first to admit, “I wish I did!” She continues by saying, “I learned primarily by jumping in and creating. When I was first learning about graphic design, I took a day course on Adobe Illustrator. I also spent a lot of time researching, studying and reading about the industry.” 

How Kelle Uses Procreate

After using Illustrator for fifteen years, Kelle purchased an iPad Pro in 2019 and began using Procreate. The second thing she started purchasing was Bardot brushes. In fact, she says, “I think the first tutorial/class I signed up for was one of Lisa Bardot’s classes.” She further explains, “Procreate has expanded my art style through the use of all the brushes, which provide lots of texture and depth to my art. Before using Procreate, I was drawing using a mouse. Using the Apple pencil and Procreate has been a game changer for me.”

Every artist has their struggles and even Kelle shares with us that she too has “lots and lots of self doubt and fear!” But for this Nashville beauty, who loves traveling and all things pink, her hope is to “make people smile” through her art. Ann Kelle Designs has definitely brought happiness and brightness to the industry.

Let's Support Kelle!

Kelle says the best way to support her is by sharing her work on social media with a tag, purchasing her art prints, and requesting a commission.

Kelle designs adorable fabric, you can find it by searching “Anne Kelle Fabric“.  Another way to support her is by  connecting her with design and product development opportunities with companies and brands. Her dream job is to write and illustrate a children’s book!

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