Making Art Everyday is a series of daily drawing prompts, tutorials, and motivation to help you overcome creative fears and develop your art-making practice. Every month, we will feature a new theme that will allow you to get in touch with your inner creative, practice drawing something specific, and hone your art-making skills. Working on an iPad is recommended, because it is portable, flexible, and you have access to unlimited mediums and colors, plus you save time and avoid having to deal with messy setup. However, you are welcome to use any medium you are comfortable with.

Participation is free! Join thousands of participants worldwide who are making art right alongside you. 

In January 2019, MAE started as a weekly list of prompts and has evolved into a welcoming environment of resources and ideas for people seeking a creative outlet.


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Begin your drawing session by visiting the Making Art Everyday prompts page at You can tap on any of the prompts to access a Google image search to utilize as reference photos. 

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I create relevant tutorials for the prompt themes as often as I can, and will send them in the weekly newsletters. Visit the tutorials page to take a look at past videos and pick up some new tricks and tips. Subscribe to the Bardot Brush Youtube channel to be the first to know when I release a new tutorial.

4. Do it YOUR way!

More than anything I encourage you to make your own interpretation of the prompt, and to draw in whatever way that comes to you. There is no right or wrong way to do it! Challenge yourself and have fun!

Example Prompts

Where to Begin?

Head over to the prompts page and jump in wherever we’re at! Depending on how often you want to be drawing, you can choose from the daily and weekly prompts, or the monthly challenge.

Not feeling this month’s theme? Visit the MAE archives and take your pick from 5+ years of prompts and tutorials!

Every Day vs. Everyday

Back in 2018, I was trying to come up with a name for this daily art challenge I was putting together. I threw around some ideas and eventually settled on “Making Art Everyday”. It was the perfect phrase (and the domain was available)! 😉 Fast forward a few years, and I cannot tell you how many times my spell-checker (and my husband, Geoff) has told me that it should be Making Art Every Day…” Every Day” being two words.

I mean, technically, they’re right, but it got me thinking about the definition of “everyday” vs. “every day.”


“Every Day” means each day; for example, I feed my pet hedgehog every day.

“Everyday” is an adjective that means ordinary or commonplace. For example, I wear these pink glitter socks on special occasions, but the white ones are my everyday socks.

While I do think it’s important to literally make art every day, I think it’s even more important to make art everyday. To work towards creativity and art-making becoming an ordinary, commonplace occurrence in our lives. Creativity isn’t just for “talented” people bestowed with magical artistic gifts at birth. Time spent creating is not a special treat, and it’s not for special occasions. It’s for everyone, and we can do it anytime, as often as we want.

So the next time you read the name of this challenge and think you need to be literally making something every day or you’ve failed, remember that your goal is really to be making art everyday, and celebrate that your creative practice is becoming a normal (but magical) part of your life.


Hi! I'm Lisa Bardot!

I founded Making Art Everyday, and my mission in work is to help people find their creativity through drawing on the iPad. I’m an illustration artist, teacher, and all-around creative person. Millions of art-makers around the globe have learned from my educational videos and tutorials, which are regarded for my thorough, concise, and fun teaching style. I’m also the owner of Bardot Brush, one of the leading brush makers for Procreate. I believe that creativity is fundamental for everyone.