How to Use Masks in Procreate (Alpha lock, Clipping Masks, and more!)

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One of the more confusing features of Procreate is the many way to create and use Masks. What is the difference between Alpha Lock, Clipping Masks, and Layer Masks? When is the best time to use each of these? Non-destructive manipulation — huh??? Masks are a highly useful feature of digital illustration, and after watching this video, you’ll have the answers. Come learn about masks — you’re sure to find endless ways to help you have more control in your drawing workflow, finish pieces faster, and be more creative. 

Brushes used in this video

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Roberta Cook at 6:05 am

Thank you very much for the Fiddle Fig Tree (Masks) Tutorial, Lisa. It’s brilliant and a great resource for anyone (like me) learning different Procreate functions.

Jacob at 12:35 pm

I found this helpful for understanding the differences between the types of masks, and it’s easy to see the utility of the way you set up your layers. However, when working on my own projects, it’s not obvious to me when I should be using a new layer (e.g. your choice to use two layers for the different leaves would’ve never occurred to me). Do you have any recommended reading for learning more about this? Where / how did you learn?


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