How to Make Scratch Art in Procreate

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Learn how to make scratch art in Procreate!

You’ll see how soothing it can be to select, layer, and blend colors, then scratch away to create a beautiful design. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you all about how to use my newest Procreate brush set: Scratch Art Sgraffito (link below). You’ll learn about the new brushes, how to use them, and walk you through creating a scratch art piece from, well…scratch! This video will also help you become more familiar with Layers Masks, as we’ll be utilizing them to make scratch art.

Canvas Size Used: 3800×2800 Pixels


Brushes in this tutorial are from my Scratch Art Sgraffito brush pack and Artist’s Pastels, as well as some Built-In Procreate Brushes

Illustration 1: Three Fish

  • Underpainting & Scratch Layers: Oil Paint for color, and Damp Brush* for blending from the Painting set (built-in Procreate brushes) 
  • Fish bodies: Sgraffito Smooth, Sgraffito Thick Thin
  • Bottom fish “gills”: Sgraffito Scrape
  • Scales, bubbles, details: Sgraffito Pin Scratch
  • Top fish body texture: Quick Scratch Dense
  • Waves: Sgraffito Rake

Illustration 2: Cactus Garden

  • Underpainting Layer: Toothy Pastel for color, and Toothy Smear for blending
  • Scratch Layer: Oil Pastel for color, and Oily Smear for blending
  • Saguaro and prickly pear cactus outlines: Sgraffito Smooth
  • Cactus ribbing, flowers, barrel cactus spines: Sgraffito Pin Scratch
  • Prickly pear spines: Quick Scratch Sparse
  • Barrel cactus outline: Sgraffito Thick Thin
  • Ground texture: Quick Scratch Dense

*note: Damp Brush is a retired built-in Procreate brush, if you don’t have it, try the Stucco brush. You can download the retired brushes here.

I designed these 11 brushes to authentically emulate the look of real scratch marks scraping through layers of paint. This set contains different textures and line weights you can combine to create unique works of art. With my included 31-page in-depth user guide, you’ll learn this relatively easy technique and create whimsical, colorful scratch art pieces in no time at all! 

Artwork made in this Tutorial

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