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We all know art supplies make awesome gifts and digital ones are no different! Now you can gift Procreate brushes to your art-loving special people in your life. Simply add the item you would like to gift to your cart, make the purchase, and we will email you a beautiful custom printable with the redemption code to give to the recipient. Click here to learn more about giving.

Oh yeah, we won’t judge you if you send this page to someone as a wink, wink, nudge, nudge.


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Give your gift in a variety of ways. When you purchase items from the Gift Shop, you’ll receive a 5×7″ printable PDF (if you choose to gift in person or by mail) and a regular PDF to email (if you prefer a digital gift).  Your recipient can redeem and download their items at bardotbrush.com using the included redemption code.

(PDFs are custom designed by a real person. Please allow 1 business day for e-delivery.)