Draw a Suitcase with Procreate Hand Lettering Tips!

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Learn how to draw a vintage-style suitcase with useful hand-letting tips from me!

Join me for a live-guided drawing tutorial where we’ll be exploring hand lettering and travel-inspired illustration. Follow along with me to create a cute vintage suitcase adorned with travel stickers! During this tutorial, I will be sharing my techniques for adding texture and depth to your illustrations with alpha lock and how to use the eraser tool to your advantage. I’ll also be sharing my tips and tricks for easy hand lettering, so you can add personalized text to your suitcase illustration. We’ll be using Procreate’s built-in brushes for this tutorial, so as long as you’ve got your iPad with Procreate, you’re ready to join the fun. Get your creativity flowing and let’s explore the world of travel-inspired illustration together!

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Canvas Size Used: 3800×2800 Pixels

Brushes Used

Brushes in this tutorial are built-in Procreate brushes that come with the app by default.
  • Suitcase shapes: Studio Pen from Inking set
  • Lettering, suitcase handle: Monoline from Calligraphy set (with customized brush settings)
  • Texture: Burnt Tree from Charcoals set
  • Stitches: Chalk from Calligraphy set
  • Sticker line details: 6B Pencil from Sketching set

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Artwork made using this Tutorial

Olga at 1:04 pm

Bummer, I just discovered your site and this fun tutorial. Any chance this is still available? Do you have a replay? I’m new to Procreate and think this would be a great place to start! And then on to your book!


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