Draw a Shadowy Skull in Procreate

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Learn how to draw a spooky, shadowy skull in Procreate!

In this Procreate tutorial, we’ll explore light, shadow & shading by drawing this shadowy skull illustration with a luminant candle! This tutorial will help get you familiar with blend modes, alpha lock, clipping masks and so much more! Let’s get shadowy and spooky!

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🎨 The exact Color Palette I used
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Canvas Size Used: 2800×3500 Pixels

Brushes Used

Brushes in this tutorial are from my Basic Toolkit
  • Main shapes: Inker
  • Texture: Coarse Shader
  • Line details: Grainy Liner
  • Shading, glow: Soft Shader

The Basic Toolkit is anything but basic! This set of 10 essential Procreate brushes is sure to become your go-to for creating stylized illustration work, creating shapes and forms, or simply doodling! 

Artwork made using this Tutorial

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