Draw a Quirky Pumpkin Pie in Procreate

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Learn how to draw in a fun, quirky style!

In this Procreate Tutorial, I’ll teach you how to draw this pumpkin pie in a fun, quirky visual style. I’ve got tips for how to make a subject more visually interesting by playing with angles and proportions. You’ll work with blend modes to add shading, and extra fun details to make your illustration a little more offbeat and unusual. And there’ll be lots of Procreate tips and tricks like how to adjust your color drop threshold, use alpha lock and clipping masks, adjust colors, and more. Let’s get in the mood for fall food!

Canvas Size Used: 3800×2500 Pixels

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Brushes Used

Brushes in this tutorial are from my FREE Kids Make Art brush set.
  • Main shapes, dashes: Colored Pencil
  • Texture, background: Messy Paint
  • Plate design: Crayon

Attention kids-at-heart! This set of 6 high-quality Procreate brushes is for anyone who wants to re-live the magic of a free afternoon, a blank piece of paper, and a box of art supplies. This set of FREE Procreate brushes has all your favorite childhood art supplies – crayons, markers, paint, and colored pencils!

Artwork made using this Tutorial

Lauri at 4:26 pm

Thank you for taking the frustration out of learning this process.

shannon pearson at 11:48 am

love love you guys! keep up the great work. wish you were giving away an iPad Pro –wink!


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