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Learn Procreate and draw a cute orange!

Happy New Year! In honor of our first Making Art Everyday prompt of the year, ‘orange’, I’ve got a special gift for you…the first lesson from my new premium course, Kickstart your Creativity with Procreate! A perfect tutorial for beginners, or anyone who wants to kick their year off with some art-making, follow along and draw a cute orange while getting to know some of Procreate’s most essential tools and features. 

Canvas Size Used: 3000×3000 Pixels

Brushes Used

Brushes in this tutorial are default Procreate brushes
  • Orange and leaf shapes: Studio Pen (Inking set)
  • Orange texture & shading: Newsprint (Vintage set)
  • Leaf shading: Campagnia (Vintage set)

This lesson is from my Kickstart your Creativity with Procreate course!

If you enjoyed this lesson, there’s plenty more to learn in the full Kickstart your Creativity course! Learn how to draw in Procreate while completing 20 fun mini-tutorials at your own pace over 4 weeks. Draw food, plants, animals, and objects! This course is the perfect way to establish your art-making practice and bring more creativity into your life.

Artwork made using this Tutorial

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Velma Salzman at 11:18 am

I love the simplicity of your crafts. And I always look forward to the next one.

Lisa Bardot at 2:22 pm

Hope you liked this one!

D Adonis at 9:11 am

Great lesson
Always like learning NEW ways to use Procreate. Going to try this lesson with my ART CLUB students!!

Lisa Bardot at 2:22 pm

Let me know how they liked it!

Rebecca Carlyle at 6:49 pm

I an really wanting to expand my illustration skills and learn with not
Much time juggling everything. I need simple easy step by step training .

Lisa Bardot at 2:22 pm

Hope you liked this course!

Minh Tam Tran at 7:10 am

I learn art by procreate. Thank you much <3

fatma at 8:36 am

great and easy

thank you =)


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