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Christo Musinguzi

Christo is an artist who seeks to express diversity, confidence, and individualism through her bold, fun, and untethered art. 

Christo Musinguzi is inspired by a variety of cultures, individuals, and places as she has lived in five different countries and currently resides in Uganda. Christo started exploring art and different mediums when she was year eight — this is the equivalent of starting secondary school. She learned to use paints, pastels, chalks, acrylics, charcoal, and even a little bit of sculpting. She shares that during this time period, she really started to delve into the depths of her love for art. She continues, “I am completely self-taught and am still learning and exploring further.” Christo hopes to expand as an artist each year by using her art to affect individuals in a positive way. She also hopes to create a series of children’s books tailored to African children. Finally, Christo’s ultimate goal is to establish an independent multidisciplinary design studio.

Christo has been using Procreate less than a year now. She admits that she is still familiarizing herself with the program. She states, “I am not as fast with [Procreate] as I am with other programs.” She does, however, enjoy exploring the animation tools. She shares that Procreate’s animation tool seems much quicker and easier than Adobe After Effects. Christo’s favorite software and her pens and pencils are her lifelines as an artist.

Christo’s early work is inspired by Alfons Maria Mucha from the art nouveau movement. Malika Favre is another amazing artist and timeless muse.

We loved discovering that Christo was once an Airbnb host for a couple of years. During this time, she met a little over 200 people from around the world. Besides her art, she has also worked as manager at an eye clinic and in human resources. 

Making a consistent profit has been a struggle for Christo as an artist. She admits, “What I have come to understand is that you have to constantly be alert and aware of what you are capable of doing as well as consistently evolve and be flexible to change.” When she struggles with artist block, she tries to get out of her element by stepping out of the norm in terms of activities and surroundings. She also loves to swim. “This helps a lot,” she says.

She wants other artists to remember to … simply explore. “There is so much out there and so many different ways of getting one thing done.”

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Christo says the best way to support her is by purchasing her art and spreading the word around so she can get more clients!

Christo is publishing her first children’s book next year.  

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