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Chantell Marlow

Influenced by her faith, Chantell’s artwork is positive, hopeful, inspiring, reflective and inclusive.

Chantell Marlow is a Florida native who, as she puts it, “has always made art.” She knew, from a young age, she’d work in the creative field eventually. Art and books are her passion. She worked in various libraries from grade school through college. Even after having been surrounded by books for so many years, she still chose to study graphic design in college. Her goal, she says, “is to leave the world a little more beautiful than how I came into it – for my kids and the kids after them.” She now lives in the midwest with her husband and two children.  

Chantell proudly shared with us that her faith influences everything she does. The helpers of the world and other’s passion for what they do inspire her as can be seen throughout her art. One of her main struggles as an artist is being taken seriously. She shares, “I think being a young black woman immediately makes people think that what I do is more of a hobby and less of a profession.” She has often heard, “Oh. You mean you’re a REAL graphic designer!” when others finally do get the chance to see her work.

For the last year or so, Chantell has been learning Procreate through trial and error. After having her second child, she spent much of her time nursing and/or with a baby attached to her. Procreate has opened up an entire avenue of creative output for her which wasn’t available previously. Procreate allows her to be a mother and artist simultaneously. Creating digital art on the iPad has now become her primary mode of illustration. In fact, she admits that she can’t live without her iPad. She especially loves the features of brushes and layers that Procreate offers.

Chantell was eager to share the following advice to other artists: “Search for and surround yourself with things that inspire you.” If you’re not inspired, she encourages you to explore a completely different creative field for awhile, like poetry or dance for example. She has found that the passion and beauty from artists in other fields will spark new ideas or at least get you out of your own head.

Chantell also wants artists to remember to make something. “Even if it’s small,” she says. “Every little thing matters.”

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Chantell says the best way to support her is by following, liking, and sharing her work on Instagram as well as purchasing prints through her online store.

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